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Printed Circuit Board Solutions

Printed Circuit Board
6-layer, 13oz Cu core PCB

DIVaero is a leading and trusted PCB solutions provider. With the help of our software programs and state-of-the-art equipment, we can give our clients a clean and unique PCB solution to their issues with electronic equipment where printed circuit boards are required.

Our PCB services include the assembly of the PC boards. And we’re experts that focus on providing quality PCB services based on your requirements and specifications. DIVaero can take your project from concept to final assembly with full testing and documentation, or any step in between!




Meeting Your Needs Through a Reliable PCB Assembly Solution

A solution in DIVaero language is a set of steps designed to produce a quality outcome in the customer’s timeframe.  For example, before we start a Printed Circuit Board Assembly, we review the Gerber files. DIVaero packages the files in the “language” of the fabricator, where we use the best manufacturing techniques. We follow the customer specifications and IPC standards to ensure that every PCB meets or exceeds your requirements.  Once the boards are fabricated they’re validated to IPC-A-600,  IPC-6012 and customer requirements in the Indianapolis PCB/PCBA lab.  

We have five decades of experience matching board fabrication to its assembly requirements, and utmost synchronicity is required to accomplish this. Matching the board to the assembly process requires communication, technology and expertise in both PCB fabrication and assembly.  Assembly Process Engineers should understand the PCB thermal characteristics, have input into the array configuration, match the PCB final finish to the solder / solder process being used in SMT and through-hole operations, for example. 

DIVaero’s materials management team sources components through standard distribution and maintains component traceability. Components are kept in an environmentally controlled area with ESD precautions.  MSL components are monitored and maintained in vacuum-sealed bags and evaluated before use.

Let Our Skills Help With Your PCB Assemblies

 PCB Assembly is a complex set of processes. DIVaero has the skills and experience to deliver quality results through training, quality programs and a deep understanding of each process.. In its simplest form, there are two primary methods of PCB Assembly:

  • Surface-mount technology (SMT): It is mainly all about mounting and soldering components on the PCB surface.
  • Through-hole technology (TH): This process involves mounting the components through leads inserted into “holes” in the PCB.

Process Engineers are tasked with keeping up with ever changing assembly technology, materials and equipment.  The electronics industry does not stand still, so DIVaero Engineers continually hone their skills in their respective disciplines. 

The Specialized DIVaero Capabilities

Among the offerings from DIVaero is Laboratory Validation of the PCB. Before circuit boards are sent to the customer or assembled, they are test here, in Indianapolis by laboratory verification. This is done to ensure that the PCBs meet or exceed IPC-6012 for Qualification and Performance Specification for PCBs and IPC-A-600 Acceptability of PCBs, including Bare Board Electrical Test. This validation is performed because a majority of defects cannot be detected by incoming quality inspections.  Our customers want the satisfaction of knowing they are putting expensive parts on a known-good circuit board.  No failures at test or latent defects in the field. 

Other capabilities include:

  • Design / Development & Redesign of Electronic Modules
  • Hardware and Software Design and Redesign
  • Prototype and validation runs
  • NPI
  • Quick turnaround
  • Production runs
  • Complex SMT
  • 3D AOI/SPI
  • Jet Paste Print or Traditional Stencil
  • Selective Soldering for TH
  • Robotic Conformal Coating
  • Box Build
  • 3D Printing
  • Testing / Test System Development
  • Documentation / Reporting / Traceability

We Understand Safety Regarding Intellectual Property 

 As an early Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) adopter, it is important to DIVaero to protect our customer’s IP, especially in the Military and Aerospace sectors. We have taken the necessary steps to increase security of our customers IP and CUI. We “sanitize” the documentation, assign DIVaero nomenclature to the board and assembly, house the data off-site in a secure FedRAMP compliant facility, and developed training for employees who may come into contact with customer information.

So if you need help with PCB solutions, don’t hesitate to work with us. Contact us today or request a quote, and our team of experts will find a suitable solution for you.

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