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DIVSYS Aerospace & Engineering

DIVaero (DIVSYS Aerospace & Engineering) excels in engineering design, development and redesign of electronic and electro-mechanical modules; secure management of electronic assembly, mechanical assembly and test; and secure management of PCB/PCBA laboratory testing, validation and forensic review. DIVaero’s systems and processes were purposefully developed to meet the rigorous requirements of our customer base. Our experienced engineers, technicians, and support staff have the expertise and resources to meet your unique needs. With our leading-edge technology, we provide services that exceed your expectations.

Services About Us

Services We Offer

We take pride in the smorgasbord of offerings we have assembled for our customers . Based on our years of experience within the electronics industry, and skillset in design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of electronic products, DIVaero has a wealth of advantages over the competition.

Designing sophisticated electronic modules

Engineering Solutions

At DIVaero, we are experts in engineering, designing, and re-designing sophisticated electronic modules or assemblies. Working closely with our customers to develop new products or bring obsolete products back to life keeps our engineering team abreast of new technologies and ever-evolving manufacturing techniques. Using a multi-disciplined approach and many decades of hands-on experience, DIVaero has fine-tuned the process of managing the detailed program requirements for new product introductions (NPI) and seamlessly transitioning to prototype and production methodologies. Our systems and processes are purposefully designed to accommodate the rigorous technical and quality requirements of our high technology customers.

Assembling a staff of qualified and experienced electrical/hardware, software, and mechanical engineers with hands-on experience in both circuit board fabrication and assembly was a calculated, intentional evolution. Our solutions can incorporate circuit design, PCB layout, software and firmware development, mechanical design, prototyping, test fixture development and methodology, electronic assembly, and systems integration/box build. We utilize powerful design automation tools such as SolidWorks, Altium and AutoCAD to generate Gerber artwork, 3D models, solids models, and product verification and validation.

PCB Assembly Solutions

PCB Assembly Solutions

High technology PCB assembly requires a tremendous attention to detail. This is especially true for complex circuits that contain a large number of components, as even a small error in component placement or soldering can render the entire circuit non-functional. DIVaero matches the board technology and specifications to the assembly requirements such that the thermal, metallurgical, and mechanical requirements are in sync with each other. Our engineers are versed in both PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, so our customers are in capable hands with their PCB assembly and box build needs. Laboratory Solutions

Offering unique laboratory solutions is a huge advantage to DIVaero customers. PCB validation to IPC standards ensures that known good boards are being used in assembly.  Utilizing PCB/PCBA laboratory validation, testing and forensic analysis elevates our team with advanced technical insights, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities that afford our customers an advantage when they need to understand why an issue may occur or how to prevent an issue from occurring in the future.

PC board-level evaluations include (but are not limited to):

  • Cleanliness testing 
  • Thermal Stress and Solderability
  • Hot Oil Delamination
  • Cross sectional analysis (identifies over 40 opportunities for failure)
  • Bare Board Electrical Test
  • DSC laminate evaluation for the Tg
  • Forensic Evaluation / Testing to determine cause of failure

PCB Solutions

Your PCB order begins with a review of the Gerber files in the PCB lab using CAM software. We remove the Customer IP (intellectual property) from the documentation to protect our customers’ data. Files are then packaged and fabrication instructions are developed in “Fabricator Language” so that the fabricator does not make any decisions outside of the instructions provided to them. DIVaero’s fabrication partners know that we are well versed in making PCBs, having made them for 50 years and that all orders are laboratory validated before assembly or sending to our customer. 

About Us

DIVSYS Aerospace & Engineering (DIVaero), specializes in the design/development/redesign of electronic modules and assemblies, and are experts in the manufacture of electronic assembly and PCB/PCBA laboratory.

With the latest Equipment, Software, AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 documentation, and traceability, DIVaero is uniquely positioned to manage the most complex electronic module designs or redesigns and seamlessly transition them into production units with full validation testing and documentation.

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication, Assembly and Laboratory Validation are outsourced processes managed by DIVaero.

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With our integrated systems, tools, and processes, we provide outstanding and reliable services to our clients. We are passionate about meeting customer expectations and providing quality-based solutions that exceed their unique needs. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to deliver superior customer service and understand the customer expectations with every project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! Or request a quote, and we'll work with you to find the best solution.

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