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PCB Assembly & Electronic/Electro-Mechanical Modules

Meeting the needs of PCB Assembly & Electronic/Electro-Mechanical Module customers requires more than state-of-the art equipment and sophisticated software programs.

The process begins with procedures to protect customer documentation, and bill of materials to protect the IP (CUI). Working with the customer team to resolve questions and manage risk throughout the program is critical to a successful output.

The Gerber files are reviewed and packaged in the “language” of the fabricator. The specifications are set using fabrication “language” and the best manufacturing techniques based on the customer requirements and knowledge of what the assembly process will be so that they are properly matched on the front end. Synchronicity of matching the board fabrication to the assembly requirements is not taught in schools, it is a product of being part of an organization that has more than 4 decades of experience in design, fabrication, assembly, and test in one facility and working as a team to marry each of those disciplines cohesively for each customer. This combination of hands-on experience is extremely uncommon. However, it allows DIVaero to assist customers with problems in Layout, PCB Specification, or Assembly Processes, while understanding how changes in one area can affect the others. This assistance is part of the value proposition that DIVaero offers to all customers.

Components are assessed for risk of obsolescence, long lead time or counterfeiting opportunities. Components are purchased from standard distribution networks and stored in DIVaero’s environmentally controlled stock area.

Matching the technology to the proper equipment, thermal profiles, inspection / AOI methodology and testing or coating (if required) is inherent in the DIVaero model. DIVaero’s technical staff are involved throughout the validation, verification, and assembly process. DIVaero is committed to providing a product that meets or exceeds IPC and customer specifications.


  • Quick Turn
  • Prototype and Validation Runs
  • Production Runs
  • Complex SMT
    • BGA, LGA placement / replacement
    • Any part size in current commercial use
  • 3D AOI/SPI
  • Jet Paste Print or Traditional Stencil
  • Selective Soldering for TH
  • Robotic Conformal Coating
  • Box Build
  • Testing / Test Development
  • Documentation / Reporting / Traceability

Technical Responsibility

Military and Aerospace customers require the highest levels of support and technology to assure the protection of our country’s Intellectual Property and Safety.

DIVaero is taking steps to provide superior protection and support to our customer base, such as:

  • Traceability for components
  • Early Adoption of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
  • Secure File Storage
  • Component Risk Assessment

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